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V E 9 A A


Mike Smith
New Brunswick


* A picture of a 10.5' Sat dish for a future 1.2GHz EME project I am working on. When VE9AAA, Coreen, my XYL said she only wanted one antenna on the car, I don't think this is what she had in mind!!!


HI! My name is Michael Smith, and I am 38 years old. I have been a licensed ham operator since 1978 (age 14)  My first call was VE1BTT (original holder of this call), then about 10 years later I became VE1MQ and was VERY active with this call, contesting, DXing I love Austin Minis and own a 1978 Yellow Austin Mini 1000 (CDN) Car See: > and doing a few IOTA expeditions around VE1 land.
On DEC 3, 1993 I became VE9AA and have primarily focused my attention to 6m Dxing, with the odd excursion to working a few new ones on HF and about 1 or 2 HF contests a year.
I no longer find HF much of a challenge. 6m is where it's at !! (hi), though I did in fact
enjoy 10m ssb and 20m cw for many years. I only got interested in 2m cw/ssb in late 1990, then 6m cw/ssb on Nov 21, 1991 I started with 1w and a dipole and have changed my 6m station at least a dozen times, usually upgrading each time either by getting more power, new antenna(s), new rigs, new rx preamps, higher towers or a better QTH for less qrn/qrm. I am pretty much a 6m fanatic you might say. (fellow 6m magic-banders can relate to this, hi!) Ever since I missed working the FO0CI dxpedition because my tx on my xvtr broke, I vowed never to be without a 6m radio near me at all times. I geuss if you are serious about working new countries on 6m, then sometimes the chance only comes along once every few years to work a new one. So far there have been many countries that I have worked that I have only ever heard once. This has been on Es or F-2.
See Below: a "
6m VE firsts list" which will list the first time a Canadian has worked a new DXCC country on 6m. Please send me ANY/ALL firsts you know about as I am starting from scratch ! Mail:



I have been to both Sable and St. Paul Islands
 CY0AA in 1996 with k8lee and wa8joc
CY9AA in 1997 with ve1pz and k7bv



Old Station:

Presently I live in the country, running an IC-736, sb200 modified for 6m (500w) and a 5el K6STI long boom yagi at 60'fed with 1/2"hardline.

Current Station:

...Present fulltime shack is in FN65rs, running a FT-847 to 8 over 8 at 35’/49' and only 100w99% of the time. Rarely kicking in the SB-206 (Modded SB-200) amp for ~500w out

Mobile Station:

TS-60S, with a straight key
I also use an HTX-100 to a converted CB whip on 10m

On 2m/70cm (FM-ugh) I have a FT-8500 to a 5/8ths whip e a 1/4wl whip


Some of the Antennas @ VE9AA as of 2002


My 6m K1WA modified sloper array @ 30'

6 Meter 8 over 8's underneath view @35'/49'

TH6DXX(10/15/20m),D40(40m) & 5el(6m) K6STI design, homebrew 6m yagi


WARC Bands(12/17m)Inverted Vees on small tower

Shot of Delhi 48’ tower from down the driveway, Feb 2002

17B2 (2m) with homebrew 15el NBS yagi (70cm) beam below

Another picture of my homebrew 8 over 8’s



My wife Coreen and 17 month old son Corey


Old College Station:

In one of my apartments in FN76/Moncton where I USED TO attend college I had an htx-100 and DEM 6m transverter. For an antenna on 6m, I just used a modified horizontal TVantenna mounted on the roof. This also had 6el on 2m interlaced, and I loaded the boom up on 10m.Talk about weird looking I used a huge multiband dipole (6m-40m)

I installed in the attic of the 4-storey apartment bldg.
 On HF I ran a TS-530s

At my other apartment the year previous I usually ran a MFJ-9406 and a full wave loop mounted horizontally on the Top of an R7000 HF vertical. Same TS-530S for HF.


  • 6m Stats
  • As of Feb 2002, I have worked 125 countries on 6m.Haven’t applied yet, but meet all criteria for 6m: VUCC,DXCC,WAC,WAZ,WAS,WACanada



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     RAC (Radio Amateurs of Canada)
    My Wifes Orchid Page
    6M VE firsts list-CHECK IT OUT!

    -->Funny pic taken in a dept. store !


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