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Mike Smith
271 Smith Rd,
Waterville, Sunbury Co.
New Brunswick E2V 3V6

-by- V E 9 A A -Mike

HI! My name is Michael Smith, and am 34 years old. I have been a licensed ham operator since 1978 (age 14) enjoying mostly 10m ssb and 20m cw for many years. I only got interested in 2m cw/ssb in late 1990, then 6m cw/ssb on Nov 21, 1991 I started with 1w and a dipole and have changed my 6m station at least a dozen times, usually upgrading each time either by getting more power, new antenna(s), new rigs, new rx preamps, higher towers or a better QTH for less qrn/qrm. I am pretty much a 6m fanatic you might say. (fellow 6m magic-banders can relate to this, hi!) Ever since I missed working the FO0CI dxpedition because my tx on my xvtr broke, I vowed never to be without a 6m radio near me at all times. I geuss if you are serious about working new countries on 6m, then sometimes the chance only comes along once every few years to work a new one. So far there have been 6 or 7 countries that I have worked that I have only ever heard once. This has been on Es, not F-2.
Presently I live in the country, running an IC-736, sb200 modified for 6m (500w) and a 5el K6STI long boom yagi at 60'fed with 1/2"hardline. I have 2 x 8 el homebrew ve9aa design yagis ready to go up someday, but always procrastinate about getting them up the tower.(I hate climbing-hi)
In my car I run a ic290a 2m ssb rig into a ten-tec 1209 6m transverter to put myself on 6m. I also have a host of vhf/hf gear in the car too, but that's another (non 6m related) story.
In my apartment in FN76/Moncton where I attend college I have a htx-100 and DEM 6m transverter. For an antenna on 6m, I just use a modified horizontal

TVantenna mounted on the roof. This also has 6el on 2m interlaced, and I load the boom up on 10m

Talk about weird looking !
this page is ~just~ getting constructed.
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TNX! U R vistor #please come again! 7 3 -Mike.......